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When you arrive at the Centre you will be asked to complete a patient questionnaire and consent form. Please bring a list of your current medications as well as your local GP details to help complete your forms. 

The Doctor begins his examination with an assessment of your risk profile and your medical history
You will be asked about:
• Any skin issues concerning you
• Your personal and family history of skin disorders
• Current medications
• Underlying medical conditions
• Prior surgery and/or treatments
• Allergies
• Occupation
• Any other factors that may be relevant

Makeup, including lipstick and foundation should be removed prior to your consultation. 
skin care
Patients may be asked to remove their clothing if the skin condition concerning you isn't visible on your exposed skin. There is generally no need for your Doctor to inspect the genital areas, or breasts in women but if you do have a concern in these areas that you are worried about then you should mention that to your Doctor so that the area can be checked. 

If your consent is received, photographs may be taken of any concerning skin symptoms to keep on your personal file as a reference for future visits. 

If you are diagnosed with a skin condition, your Doctor will design and discuss a treatment plan to suit your specific needs. 

Doctor Qualifications 

Our Dermatology Consultations are performed by Dr Iqbal Hussain. Capricorn Skin Centre welcomed Dr Hussain to our team in June 2009. Dr Hussain has a strong passion for Skin Cancer Medicine and Dermatology. In 2013, Dr Hussain achieved his Fellowship with the Skin Cancer College of Australasia. He also holds an Australian Diploma in Dermatology and went on to study the prominent UK Diploma of Dermatology through Cardiff University. Dr Hussain is an experienced General Practitioner having achieved Fellowship of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners and is actively involved in teaching the next generation of Doctors being that he is also an accredited supervisor of our GP Registrars in the QRME training program.

Continuing Care 

During your initial consult Dr Hussain will advise when a review is necessary to ensure your treatment plan is working for you. If you feel you require a review prior to the agreed upon date please don't hesitate to call the clinic and schedule an earlier appointment with Dr Hussain.

Fee Structure 

Dermatology Consultations are charged out as follows:
Remember: Regardless of whether regular screening is being performed or not, if you detect a changing or newly developing skin lesion, or if you become concerned about any particular skin lesion, ensure that you have it checked by your doctor.
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